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Acting Fundamentals for Adults

For English speaking adults

  • Početak 23. ruj
  • Od 135 eura
  • Preradovićeva 29, MO Kralj Petar Svačić

Available spots

Opis usluge

This is the course for you if you are a grown-up, living in Zagreb, and your first language is not Croatian. The classes are held in English, and require fluency in written and spoken English language. In this course we have a lot of fun doing improvisations for the stage, learning how to relax and warm up our acting muscles before a performance, we do lots of diction and voice exercises, games to get you focused and centred, we take scripts and learn how to analyse them and work on creating believable characters for stage. The class runs once a week, on a Saturday, form 11:00am to 12:30pm, in the city centre, Preradovićeva 29. Any questions send me an e-mail to iaczagreb@live.com

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+ 385993437340


Gajeva ulica 25, Zagreb, Croatia

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