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Transnational Project Meetings

Transnational Project Team Meetings on iContribute project

Three transnational project team meetings took place online, during the implementation of the project iContribute to Sustainable Tourism and Search for Ways to Travel Better. The start-up and the final meetings were coordinated by IAC Zagreb. The interim meeting will be coordinated by U Thrive Europe.

2 representatives of each of our 2 non-governmental organisations constituted the project team and attended all meetings.

The first meeting was held online on the fist day of the implementation, May 2nd 2022. The meeting was open by Romana Petrušić, the president of the International Arts Centre Zagreb, who welcomed the representatives from our partner organisation, U Thrive Europe. During the four hour meeting the partners discussed project activities and timeframes, defined the responsibilities on institutional and personal level, set up an online collaboration environment and planned internal communication between the organisations.

In the afternoon session Activity One-Training-for-trainers and exchange of expertise on environmental protection, sustainable tourism and youth activism was planned. Activity Two-Summer retreat for young people, that is planned in August 2022, was discussed in detail, and the strategy for approaching and selecting participants was set up . The meeting ended with the agreement about the next steps.

In the second meeting, held online on October 7th 2022, the team looked back at the completed activities, especially the very successful Summer camp, reviewed the budget and spending, and discussed and planned the production of Sustainable Travel Guide Videos, which are to be created jointly by students who participated in the camp. IAC assigned two young assistants to coordinate this task with the students. The team also began planning the realisation of multiplier activities.

In the third meeting, held online on the 20th April 2023, the team went through all of the completed activities, project outputs and results, reviewed the budget and spending and discussed the external reporting. The project team also qualitatively evaluated Activity 3 (Production of a Sustainable Travel Video Guide) and Activity 4 (Multiplier events). Lastly, the team had a congratulatory drink to celebrate the successful collaboration and completion of the project.

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The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This post reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

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