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IMPACT summer retreat

Moms for the environment - a seven day summer retreat for women.

What is the IMPACT summer program?

A series of workshops for women aged 29 to 65, lasting seven days, on the Croatian coast, in the second half of August.

What is the program like?

Every day in the morning there will be lectures in the areas of environmental protection, emotional intelligence, social engagement and democracy, debating and successful communication, the impact of art on changes in society, team building exercises, research into solving problems using dramatic methods. Every afternoon will be reserved for group work, creative work, brainstorming and field work. The complete program is conducted in English because women from Croatia and Belgium will be participating together.

Where will the summer program take place?

On the Croatian coast. We will announce the exact location soon.

What do I get by participating in the project?

Lectures and views of four experts in political economy, debate and negotiation, environmental protection and drama; opportunity for networking with women of the same interests from Croatia and Belgium; the opportunity to express your opinion and attitudes and jointly create progressive ideas; free seven days on the Croatian coastline; an opportunity to make a positive change in the world.

What happens after the summer program?

After the summer program, all participants will jointly create Guidelines for Understanding Environmental Protection and Economic Stability, and share them among their friends, groups they belong to, the target group of women/mothers, as part of project dissemination activities.

How many women do you accept?

Only five participants from Croatia and five participants from Belgium will be funded from the project.

Which costs are covered?

The costs of travel, accommodation and food during the seven days of the summer program will be covered.

Until when do applications last? Applications are open until May 20, 2023.

What if I sign up and can't come?

Application alone does not guarantee you a placement in the program. After the application deadline has passed, we will contact you and then you will have the opportunity to confirm your place or cancel.

What kind of people are you looking for?

The project is open only to women aged 29 to 65. All women in that category who are interested in the topics in the program, who are ready to collaborate, create new ideas and explore new approaches and ultimately collaboratively create Guidelines for Understanding Environmental Protection and Economic Stability in English, who are skilled in spoken and written communication in English and who are open to new experiences.

Can I bring children with me?

If you want, you can bring your family members, but you will have to cover all the expenses for them.

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