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Erasmus+  team

On the two Erasmus + projects that we are currently implementing, the International Arts centre has partnered with a non-profit organisation UThrive, from Belgium.

Aida and Tatiana from UThrive are bringing expertise in emotional intelligence and debate/persuasion skills to the projects.

Paired up with Andreana's passion for civic engagement and democracy and Romana's knowledge of drama and improvisation techniques, their work on iACT and iContribute projects promises to be very exciting and rewarding for the whole team as well as for all of our participants.


Aida Pana / UThrive

Emotional Inteligence trainer

Aida is a trainer and accredited ICF Associate Certified Coach passionate about neuroscience, she specialised in supporting transformative processes that aim towards personal growth and societal change. She brings on board over 16 years of project management experience in education and international cooperation.

iACT & iContribute Projects

Andreana Baeva Motušić / IAC

Democracy and civic engagement trainer

Andreana is a political economist and an educator active in the areas of education, digitalization and democratization. Born in Bulgaria, Andreana has studied, worked and lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France and Croatia, and enjoys establishing international teams and collaboration. She is passionate about regional development, the modernization of education, and building more prosperous and environmentally sustainable societies for future generations.

iACT & iContribute Projects

Romana Petrušić / IAC

Drama and improvisation techniques trainer

As a founder and president of the International Arts Centre, Zagreb, Romana is delighted to be working with such a wonderful group of professionals on this engaging project. She hopes that her expertise as actor, director and educator will bring creative input to the project activities.

iACT & iContribute Projects

Tatiana Levceva / UThrive

Debate and persuasion techniques trainer

Tatiana is a former diplomat, with experience in the European and classical diplomacy. Building a dialogue based on a good argument has been part of her daily professional life for 22 years. It continues to be so in her current occupation of a director of the U Thrive Europe non-profit, a trainer in the art of persuasion and a social mentor to Ukrainian migrants.

In her courses, she builds on the European traditions in rhetoric and logic, enriched by British and US debating methods. She has specialized in International Relations and European Economic & Public Affairs in three EU countries, as well as in strategic negotiations with the Yale University.

iACT & iContribute Projects
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