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Transnational project team meetings

Project team meetings in Zagreb and Brussels

Three transnational team meetings took place in person in Zagreb and Brussels. The first meeting was coordinated by IAC Zagreb while the other two were coordinated by U Thrive Europe. 

The first meeting was held in Zagreb on 4th of February 2022. The meeting was opened by Romana Petrušić, the president of the International Arts Centre, Zagreb. During the morning session the project team set up the collaboration and communication plan, went through project management tools and discussed finance and budgeting. After the lunch break the project team proceeded with the afternoon session. The team went through project activities and responsibilities of each team member, started planning the first activity (Training for trainers), set up the selection criterias for the project participants and discussed a dissemination plan for the entire project.

The second meeting was held in Brussels on 24th of November 2022. The meeting was opened by Tatiana Levceva as a representative of the host organization - U Thrive Europe. The project team evaluated the implementation of the Activity1 (Training for trainers), discussed the beginning of Activity 2 (Design of an interactive program) - what the team learned so far and what can be improved- , planned the implementation of the following project activities and discussed the budgeting. 

The third meeting was again held in Brussels on 6th of April 2023. The meeting was opened by Tatiana Levceva from U Thrive Europe. The project  team discussed the implementation of Activity 2 (Design of an interactive program) - particularly the course curriculum, external guest lecturers, and the remaining Zoom sessions. Also, the team worked on the planning of Activity 3 (Short Digital Course on Social Inclusion and Equity), discussed the organization of multiplier events and reviewed the budget and spending. 

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