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Inclusion  through  Activism, Communication  and  Tolerance

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Have you ever felt left out in a group? Have you seen people being treated wrongly just because they were different? Do you feel the need to do something about social injustice? How easy is it for you to communicate your ideas and build arguments? iACT project is designed with the purpose to look into these questions and find answers, build strategies and share them with young people age 18 to 25, and empower them to initiate a change in the society. International Arts Centre Zagreb and U Thrive Europe Brussels have launched their first of two Erasmus+ projects, Inclusion through Activism, Communication and Tolerance (iACT), which is being implemented from November 2021-November 2023 in Zagreb and Brussels. The project will: · increase the capacities of our two partner institutions for work with diverse groups of young people and young people with less opportunities through international cooperation and synergy in the development of new activities. · empower young people (18-25 years old) from different backgrounds to actively participate in society on local, national and European level by enabling them to understand and embrace their identities and diversity in all its forms. If you would like to join our activities as a participant, trainer or volunteer, do get in touch with us at iaczagreb@live.com. Just klick on the red button below and let us know a little about yourself and why you would like to participate in iACT project. We are looking for people from various walks of life, who are interested in exploring the issues surrounding inclusion, activism, communication and tolerance and looking for new answers and solutions. As a participant you will be actively engaged, and with your group you will create a new, short online course for your peers, at the end of the project. Our promise is to provide creative activities and workshops, stimulating discussions, an outlet for artistic expression, new friendships, some travel and lots of fun. All activities, which include training and exchange of expertise for trainers and interactive workshops for young people 18-25 years of age, are free of charge for participants with places being limited. If you are a young person who wants to make this world a better place we would like to hear from you.


The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This post reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

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