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Acting on Stage - Adults

Acting on Stage course for adults begins this Saturday at Preradovićeva 29.

Come join the group if you want to

  • learn the important acting skills,

  • practise your public speaking,

  • get creative and have fun.

This semester we will be doing a lot of work on perfecting your public speaking skills,

we will put special focus on body language and how we can use our bodies to complement our words, and finally we will be creating characters for the stage and for on camera acting.

The semester will culminate with a production of a short play which we will present on stage.

The classes are held once a week, on a Saturday, from 12 noon to 2pm, at MO Kralj Petar Svačić, Preradovićeva 29.

This course is designed for English speaking adults.

For more info send e-mail to Romana at iaczagreb@live.com

Don't wait, contact us today for group or individual acting classes in English.

MyStage is the only professional English speaking acting school on Zagreb.


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