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Every child is an actor.

As soon as they start to walk and talk kids start imitating the people around them.

Playing, they develop important social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills.

The importance of imaginary role play goes even further, helping them make sense of the world around them, understand emotions and behaviour of others, develop tolerance and empathy, as well as important communication skills that they will use as the base of their connection to the world throughout their life.

At MyStage we understand the importance of acting games and exercises in the development of a happy and healthy child.

In our acting classes kids are encouraged to use their own creativity in solving problems. We welcome their curiosity and imagination. We play and laugh with them, and support them throughout the creative process. Individual attention is given to every child.

Acting programs for kids age 6 to 8 and 9 to 11 are starting soon.

Come and see why MyStage is the best kept secret in town!

For information about programs, times and fees please send an e-mail to Romana at iaczagreb@live.com


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