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Applications for our new Erasmus+ project are almost closed!

In case you haven't heard it yet, we have a brand new Erasmus+ project (iMPACT) coming up this summer.

To sum it up really quickly, the project is created for women who are between 29-65 years old and are interested in gaining and sharing their knowledge about how to achieve a healthier and more sustainable relationship with the environment. We are looking for women who want to be a role models in their communities and become a factor of change by encouraging others (and especially their family members) to act!

In order to achieve these goals, only five applicants will have the opportunity to spend seven days on the Croatian coast this summer with professional mentors working on the topics around sustainability in various interesting ways. For more information click the button below!

If this project sounds interesting to you sign up ASAP because the application period is almost over. You still have a chance to join us this summer on this amazing adventure. We will carefully go through each and every applications and do our best to make the right choices. So don't hesitate and let us know why are you the right choice for this project in the application form available below!

We are looking forward meeting you this summer! :)


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