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Kids take the stage

Does your child like dancing and acting and singing? Is he or she an active, curious child with an endless stream of energy? Always talking, exploring the world around them, coming up with crazy ideas? Or is it maybe a shy child who needs encouragement and a little push to shine?

Whichever category your child belongs to, it is sure to find the perfect creative outlet at MyStage acting programs for kids. Taught in English, aimed at the international children living in Zagreb, MyStage is a place where all children feel inspired, supported and free to express themselves.

We encourage personal creativity and freedom of expression, we inspire our students to create and open their minds to the world around them. In a fun and non-judgemental environment kids feel safe to explore and make mistakes, let go of the unnecessary control and be themselves.

The new course is starting on Friday, 8th February. For more info e-mail Romana at iaczagreb@live.com or sign up at www.mystageiac.com


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